__For four generations, ever since the great-grand father Marc Victor Cachelin opened a watch workshop in Dombresson in the Swiss Jura Mountains at the turn of the 20th century, our exceptional watches have perfectly combined decorativeness with classicism, gold with platinum.

___The Activity of the family business was interrupted after half a century, only to re-emerge a few years later when the great-grandson opened Montres Grenacher s.a. in Geneva, where it is one of the few companies to design Private Label watches with the special Mark Genève.

___From the idea to manufacture, our designers and craftsmen-watchmakers have known how to win the hearts of our customers, who are among the most demanding, by making watches that exquisitely blend our know-how with Swiss accuracy and quality, the result of a centuries-old tradition.
___The Swiss Sport Grenacher Genève ultimate chronometers and timepieces follow this tradition. The inspiration for this line came from the idea to create a collection for people who demand elegance but at the same time like sport. In order to balance between the two, the models combine dynamic classical lines with subtle sport themes.